Venus eclipse march 15 astrology

Channel it. Find something positive or creative to be obsessed about.

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Find a cause, be of service. Focus the energy; give it a place to go. The combination can act like lightening through the fog. At its best it allows us to get in touch with what we really want Pisces and take action Aries. At its worse it can have us not act but react, losing ourselves in the process. We need to become spiritual warriors, enlightened and conscious crusaders — fighting for something, not against. In a way, this eclipse mirrors what is going on in the world.


Venus turns retrograde in Aries on March 4. It moves back into Pisces on April 2. It goes direct on April 15 and re-enters Aries on Retrograde periods are not bad. When a planet is retrograde it works differently.

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Lovely and gracious Venus, the goddess of love, rules close relationships, beauty, values, and money. While this interval is not an optimum time to get married, engaged, have cosmetic surgery, make major investments or buy luxury items, it is an opportunity to get in touch with our own values, needs, and become clear about what we want to attract and create. Old lovers and creative projects often come back into our lives so we can reassess, complete or heal them. One of the most positive and constructive things we can do during Venus retrograde is not search outside for love but create more self-worth and self-care.

Venus is associated with pleasure. What brings you joy; what makes you feel alive? Venus is in assertive Aries. Do you have the courage to give yourself what you need? This wonderful concept has become a growing trend. Remember Carrie Bradshaw did this back in Sex and the City. Do you cherish your humble and silky life? Do you adore the green grass, with its terror beneath? The theme for February is purification, renewal and rebirth.

We can begin our own cleansing process, clearing away both the physical and emotional clutter to prepare for the new life that is even now beginning to stir. Dear Friends, Enjoy this quiet and contemplative month. Use the energy and power of the Solar Eclipse to get in touch with what you truly love and have the courage to take steps to manifest it. It just has to be meaningful. Remember, you are worth it.

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You are loved, Virginia Clearing by Martha Postlewaite. Do not try to save the whole world or do anything grandiose. Until June 5 — The solar eclipse on December 26, brings growth, abundance and good luck as well as positive change and excitement. The keyword for this eclipse is serendipity because it brings unexpected good luck and happy coincidences when you least expect it. This is an excellent solar eclipse for starting things, especially new and exciting things. January 15 to 23 — Mercury in your decan is one of the best times of your Aquarius horoscope for sitting exams, applying for work and doing business.

This is also one of the busiest times of the year but mental alertness and clarity of though help you communicate effectively. Socialize, make plans, book appointments, pay bills, bargain, and buy and sell.

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March 15 to July 10 — Saturn in your decan represents a culmination of years of effort and striving toward your goals. Hard work and responsibility will help define your life and give a sense of well-being and satisfaction. The harder you work and the more responsibly you carry out your duties, the more rewarding this transit will be. June 21 to November 30 — The June 21 solar eclipse will increase your desire or need to accomplish great things and succeed.

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But different areas of your life may not be working in the same direction. Patience and self-discipline could lead to professional success and recognition. You may take on more responsibility but have to deal with a little more stress. December 12 to March — Saturn in your decan again is a test of your personal power. You will be challenged to prove yourself as you try to reach your goals. Even though you may experience success it will not come easily, you will have to work hard for it. There may also be restriction placed upon you, or extra burdens and responsibility to go along with the personal advancements.

December 14 to February — Jupiter in your decan brings success, happiness, good luck, optimism, generosity and enthusiasm. Long-distance travels and higher education will broaden your general knowledge and outlook on life. Others will pick up on your confidence and good cheer so this is a good time to enjoy life and expand your horizons.

Business deals and financial investments should be profitable but avoid excess, greed and overconfidence. December 14 to 30 — Jupiter conjunct Saturn culminating on December 21 brings opportunity, growth and good fortune. You may have a feeling of completion and contentment with your achievements thus far. Or perhaps you realize you can go no further in your career or just feel like a new challenge.

Fated events, lucky breaks or deliberate actions will create opportunities for personal and professional growth. Your Aquarius horoscope is authentic because it is based on planetary transits to Aquarius Decan 1, not to houses, zones or sectors. Until January 6 — Venus in your decan starting on December 27, is one of the best times of the year for romance, socializing, asking for favors and borrowing money. Heightened beauty, charm and sex appeal make it more likely that you will find your perfect match if dating.

Shopping, investing and decorating benefit from your good fashion sense and an eye for a bargain. January 10 to June 5 — The January 10 lunar eclipse could be emotionally challenging for some. But it gives you increased self-confidence, emotional strength and intuition to protect yourself against bullies and to protect more vulnerable family members and friends.

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This eclipse favors the powerful and wealthy but also gives compassion, faith, and inspiration. January 21 to 28 — Mercury in your decan is one of the best times of your Aquarius horoscope for sitting exams, applying for work and doing business. April 12 to 29 — Mars in your decan gives the strength, courage and initiative to complete the hardest of tasks and start new projects.

So long as you channel this aggressive and competitive energy constructively, you can get a lot of hard work done in a short amount of time. Increased sex drive and physical attractiveness add passion to your love life.

Venus eclipse march 15 astrology
Venus eclipse march 15 astrology
Venus eclipse march 15 astrology
Venus eclipse march 15 astrology
Venus eclipse march 15 astrology
Venus eclipse march 15 astrology
Venus eclipse march 15 astrology
Venus eclipse march 15 astrology
Venus eclipse march 15 astrology

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