Gemini march 24 astrology

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Mars connects with Saturn and the sun meets Mercury on March 14, making for a productive day—this is also going to be a crucial point during mercury retrograde, so watch out for what information comes your way! Mid-March is super busy for Mercury retrograde, as it will clash with Jupiter on March 15 bringing exaggerations!

All the cosmic events taking place now bring you back to February 19 through 23—things are being reworked, reconsidered, and seen from a new point of view. A question to ask yourself this month: Are you still passionate about what you do? Wait until after the retrograde! Mars connects with Pluto on March 20, stirring up deep, powerful, and private emotions—but this a brilliant time to work through your feelings in therapy or through embodiment practices. Mars and Pluto are the planets of war, but when they work together, we can harness the energy to purge and clear our lives of what no longer serves us.

Mercury connects with Saturn on March 20, again finding you thinking back to February 19 and commitments that came up at that time. March 20 is also the spring equinox! The sun enters Aries, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your social life, and plenty of drama arrives with the full moon in Libra on this day, illuminating the romance and creativity sector of your chart.

A big climax is taking place in your love life, or in your artistic endeavors. The mood is especially social and intimate connections are formed as Venus clashes with Mars and mingles with Jupiter on March Creativity continues to flow as Mercury meets Neptune on March 24 again, think back to February 19—so much is being revisited this month , and Venus enters Pisces on March 26, bringing blessings, rewards, and recognitions your way, especially in your career.

Venus connects with Uranus on March 27, bringing you a eureka moment. Mercury ends its retrograde on March 28, so expect conversations to begin moving forward. Mercury leaves its post-retrograde shadow period on April 16, so between now and then, many of the issues that were being reworked by this retrograde will smooth over. March is a busy month, but things are not smooth with the retrograde, plus, Uranus in Taurus has found your sleep schedule out of whack—this is not helpful when so much is taking place in your career!

You may witness many ups and downs in your relationship with your partner during this week. You would feel very emotional for your father and mother. For your health, there are no major complications during this time; if you have any diseases, they may get recovered as well. If you have issues related to the nervous system, you should take additional care of your health. Your career and business may also witness ups and downs during the last week of March.

If you are in the field of banking, IT, or even if you are a CA, the chances of you losing your job are quite high during this time. Hence, you should focus on improving your performance. There are chances of some religious function getting organized at your home. If you are planning to buy a new office, you may get success.

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Students in higher education may make their way towards success as well. You may plan a picnic or outing with your life partner to increase romance in your married life. Your sexual life would also be amazing this week. Communication would play a really important role in your relationship this week. You may try to stay in touch with your partner through various communication tools and social media. Your health is likely to support you, but there are chances of some mental stress as well. As a result, there are chances of ups and downs in your blood pressure.

Your emotional connection with your partner would be great, but your speech and anger may hurt your partner. This week may favor you in terms of your career and business. Employees may get support from their seniors. Your confidence and enthusiasm would also increase. There are chances of an increase in your business relations; your business would witness great progress during this week. You may plan to buy a property, but due to your busy schedule, you may not be able to implement that planning. The probability of change in your mood is quite high during the last days of this week. You may get to meet someone special during this time.

You are likely to get benefits from your friends and elders. Your elder siblings would support you during this time, whereas you may feel anxious for your younger siblings.

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Overall, this week may prove good for you. You would have to work hard to get expected results during this time; your luck would not support you that much. For your love and relationship, this week may prove great. You should make sure that you do not hurt your partner. The probability of your partner giving you a surprise gift is quite high. You should take additional care of your health during this week, especially if you have acidity issues.

You would require being cautious for your career and business. Your hard work may pay off in your business. You may have to take additional care of your finance related matters as well. Your expenses may increase during this week; you may also have to reshuffle your investments. For your family related matters, this week may prove favorable for you.

You would be able to spend a great time with your children this week. Students would require working hard this week. Your married life may prosper during this period.

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For your sexual life and romance, this week may prove favorable for you; your partner would also give you excellent support. This week may bring average results for your life. You may get relaxation from any diseases you are suffering from. Your self-esteem would get stronger and your confidence may boost. Employees may get negative results during the beginning of this week, although there are chances of promotion as well. There are no major issues in your finance related matters. Businessmen may get the chance to expand their business. If you have applied for a bank loan, you may get success during this time.

There are chances that you may incur expenses on renovating your home. You would work with great energy and enthusiasm, which may reflect positively. Your married life may be really great this week, and you would be able to enjoy your partner's company really well. There are chances of an auspicious function being organized at your home during this time. People wanting to get married may find the beginning of this week a little less favorable, but the second half of this week may provide them with some positive results.

During this week, your health may not support you. There are chances of some health issues regarding the nervous system, eyes, shoulder, and joint pain during this time. You may feel tired. You would not enjoy your work during this time; your self-esteem and confidence level may go down. Employees may get a chance for a foreign business trip during this time. You would require taking additional care in your job, otherwise, you may have to face the brunt of office politics during this week. Businessmen may get advantages from their foreign deals.


This week would favor you in terms of your finance. Employees and businessmen may witness an increase in their income. You would be able to increase your real estate property. Your younger and elder siblings would progress in their business. There are chances of an auspicious function being organized at your home. Students wanting to go abroad for education may find this week really positive.

For your married and sexual life, this week would provide you with mixed results. Your health may support you during this period. If you are suffering from any diseases, they may get cured during this time. Your self-esteem and willpower would increase during this week. For your career and business, the beginning of this week may prove amazing for you, but you would require taking additional care during the second half of this week. If you want to initiate something new in your business, it's advisable for you to think twice, otherwise, you may have to face losses.

If you have a business related to import or export, you would get financial benefits during this period. Your financial condition may get stronger. If your money has been stuck anywhere, you may get it back during this time.

Gemini march 24 astrology
Gemini march 24 astrology
Gemini march 24 astrology
Gemini march 24 astrology
Gemini march 24 astrology
Gemini march 24 astrology

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