The planet saturn astrology

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On the other hand, pay attention to where you slouch or angle your body away from others. These are underdeveloped manifestations of Saturn.

Saturn: The Planet of Karma

One is to practice the Saturn walk. The key factors of it are to maintain good posture without being rigid, to move at a steady pace and, lastly, to have your heels make firm contact with the ground.

Other keys to tapping into the positive and formative forces of Saturn involve consistency and time management. The planet was called "Chronos" by the Greeks, signifying its role as a time keeper. Maintaining a steady rhythm of commitment creates a healthy habit that is more likely to produce desirable results than irregular and inconsistent engagement.

Another Saturn-related point is the difference between responsibility and guilt. The former is a healthy, mature expression of this planet. Responsibility is the ability to respond appropriately.

The Planet Saturn in Astrology

Guilt, however, is an excessive or misplaced sense of duty, obligation or fault. Discerning the difference between the two is important to achieving goals and avoiding the soul sapping distractions of doubt and self-condemnation. We may be able to see the difference by viewing the matter in as impersonal manner as possible.

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Look at the mechanics of the situation and the actions that led to the issue. If you can find a way to remedy it, then take responsibility and fix it. Of course, if this concerns a crucial issue, it will probably return and then, with steady commitment and feet solidly on the ground, you can address it more effectively.

Not sure where Saturn is in your birth chart? By Tarot. Too little influence of Saturn and we have unrestrained and impractical dreams and spending which will never achieve anything.

Planet Saturn in Astrology

Saturn like Jupiter, lies in between the inner and outer planets. Like Jupiter it is also an enormous planet with many moons and is of a different magnitude to both the inner planets before it and the outer ones after it. Because of it's position, it has a similar meaning to Jupiter in that it is less a personal planet but more a social planet, to do with the individual relating to the society around them. It is known by everyone for it's characteristic rings made of ice and rock. Saturn moves slowly around the Sun and takes Saturn was always considered the furthest planet in our solar system until the totally unexpected discovery of Uranus.

As such it is still considered the last planet by traditional astrologers. Cronos was forced to grow up at an early age as he battled his father Uranus.

Understanding Your Ruling Planet

Saturn infact is all about proving your abilities and being forced to succeed through your own effort. The guardian will not let a person succeed in life unless they have merited it with hard work and perfecting their skills. Like a difficult schoolmaster he may well be the person you thank when you finally come to needing all you have been taught. There is no sympathy with Saturn only a fair and just return for the effort you have put into a task.

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Being the Guardian he is a tester and will send you back to redo your tasks until you have perfected them. With Capricorn it endows the personality with a practical , worldly and traditional nature.

Capricornians are great respecters of established heirachies and are often ambitious in their attempts to rise to the top. They are known for their hard work and reliability. Saturn though has another side and that is the face that doesn't face inwards to the inner planets but the face that looks outwards to the transpersonal.

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