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    We understand that many of you use the site to find inspiration and support your journey through life. Astrologers use other divisional charts apart from the basic rasi and navamsa chart to help in their predictions. Taurus is dedicated and loyal. Weaknesses include: Extreme stubbornness, being unable to bend, materialism and possessiveness. Pluto and Saturn help you finally harvest the fruits of all the efforts from the previous years. Now you are satisfied that your merits are acknowledged and, full of enthusiasm and confidence, you start planning new projects and establishing new contacts.

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    The year is also a favorable year in love. Now you can be more exigent. If you are already involved in a stable relationship, you will hint to your partner that you are willing to continue only if you get more attention and tenderness. The aspect formed by Mercury and Pluto this year will encourage you to reorganize your budget.

    It is not excluded to start up a company or organization, or to move your accounts to another bank, etc. You are free to act according to your own interests, to choose what way to follow, to accept or not the different opportunities that occur. Spend time by yourself to meditate and recuperate, clean up any physical or emotional baggage that impedes your well-being or prevents you from being in harmony with your spiritual self. This is a good time to initiate a major spring cleaning that would allow you to flourish all throughout the following year.

    You manage to rekindle a romantic relationship, but it still needs patience and imagination. From February, Taurus natives will use the influence of Jupiter to revive their potential and take the world by surprise. They will come up with new ideas, take on any challenge coming their way, and use all opportunities to grow.

    Saturn and Uranus make it possible that they become free to develop their individuality this year.

    TAURUS 2020 Tarot reading forecast

    At the same time, they might become slightly extravagant or indulgent, which might lead to people belittling or underestimating them. In any case, they should avoid upsetting the balance of the world or inviting trouble. This year, Taureans have to follow their road with doubled determination. Come next March, planet Mars helps clear and cleanse their minds, bringing unity and singleness of purpose. All the limitations seem to disappear or vanish into thin air, and their potential is fully unraveled by the combative energy of Mars.

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    The whole world is contributing to the ascension of the Taurus natives. Professional success has never been achieved so easily by anyone else before.

    taurus february 2020 tarot ava and trudy Taurus february 2020 tarot ava and trudy
    taurus february 2020 tarot ava and trudy Taurus february 2020 tarot ava and trudy
    taurus february 2020 tarot ava and trudy Taurus february 2020 tarot ava and trudy
    taurus february 2020 tarot ava and trudy Taurus february 2020 tarot ava and trudy
    taurus february 2020 tarot ava and trudy Taurus february 2020 tarot ava and trudy
    taurus february 2020 tarot ava and trudy Taurus february 2020 tarot ava and trudy

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