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The Sun is in the sign of Cancer and the Full Moon, which perfected yesterday evening and now works towards a fresh lunar cycle is in the sign of Capricorn. Today's numerology is vibes with the energy of a life path number 9, the humanitarian. Famous people with this life path number includes Mother Teresa and Harrison Ford. People who care for others is the expression of a 9 in numerology. Similar to the energy of a 6, the mother, this type of personality seeks to do more than just nurture a person to wholeness.

They want to restore all of mankind to their highest position in society.

Mother Teresa is a great example of the expression of this beautiful vocation in practice. She could have chosen to be anything but instead she decided to serve the poorest members of Calcutta in India.

She served with her hands even though she was in poverty and made a significant impact on the community because of her commitment to give to those in need. The planet that rules this life path number is Mars, and even though this planet is considered to be a war-like force of nature, it renders passion to do and to persevere when times get tough.

During this Full Moon release of energy, you may find that you face an obstacle in your own life. You may notice that there are areas you want to make a difference but because you see only lack of resources or time, you feel that things are close to impossible than probable. Now that the Moon begins a new lunar phase while still in the sign of Capricorn, you can apply yourself to set down limiting beliefs and start all over again with a different mindset.

In the tarot, the sign of Capricorn is symbolized by Death, which signifies change through closure.


Today, you can close the door to your fears and open a window to opportunity to help those in need and make a difference in a way that only you can. Read on below to check out all zodiac signs' daily tarot reading and astrological predictions for today's Wednesday, July 17, There's something you're clearly holding onto that is no longer needed.

Whether it's a relationship or job you need to move on from, it's time. This is your sign to let go of it. Something better is coming along. You've gotten everything you could possibly get out of this experience and now it's on to bigger and better things. Your life is coming together and you're finally figuring out how to balance everything. You're learning on your own, but there's someone who is also here to help you balance any stresses. An exciting partnership is here for you and it could mean marriage.

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Now is a time for new beginnings, Gemini. Get excited because this new start is a positive one! You're feeling lucky right now and you may be trying to understand why. Don't waste time wondering why good things are happening to you and just be grateful and happy that they are! Never question the universe. Your brain is flooded with bright ideas! Put those ideas on paper and start acting upon them. You're creative and it's important to embrace that talent.

Follow your heart and express yourself through your passions. Some changes come on slowly and some things change right in front of your eyes. In this case, you're going to go through a sudden change, but it's much needed. You might not understand why it's happening now, but you will later on. A chapter in your life is coming to a close and it's ending in a positive and peaceful way. You will come in contact with this person through a mutual friend. It will lead to an intense and passionate affair. You will have to take a vital decision in a family matter today.

Sabian Symbol

But you will be confused and unable to decide. Perhaps your mate will show you the way and help. Things are again looking good in your life. You have got a very understandable and caring partner. Relations will get stronger. Today, you will find yourself at the crossroads. You will be unable to decide what is best for you.

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Varied opinions will further confuse you. But your mate will help you in deciding what is best for you.

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It is likely love will knock at your door once again. Lady luck will smile on you. A very charming and loveable person will come in your life. It will be a case of love at first sight. You will develop spiritual inclinations and would be interested in matters of self-realization and experience truth. Your inquisitive nature may take you to a spiritual Guru. Your mate will provide able support. It will be nice day. You will be spending lot of time in the wonderful company of your beloved. There will be lot of joy and cheer in relations.

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calcutta times horoscope Calcutta times horoscope
calcutta times horoscope Calcutta times horoscope
calcutta times horoscope Calcutta times horoscope
calcutta times horoscope Calcutta times horoscope
calcutta times horoscope Calcutta times horoscope
calcutta times horoscope Calcutta times horoscope
calcutta times horoscope Calcutta times horoscope
calcutta times horoscope Calcutta times horoscope
calcutta times horoscope Calcutta times horoscope

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