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Unfortunately, at least at this stage, no one has this. Is this applicable to the D-9 chart and other div charts also? But in divisionals, the functional nature of planet stand alone is less important that in D1.

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However, in the first image on this page, you have mentioned Moon as Friend for Leo Asc. Am I misinterpreting any thing here? Also, loved the excel tool? I was also trying to make something like this?

Benefics/ Malefics

Mine is a very elementary one, yours is much more detailed. Since Moon and Sun are friends and 12th is the only house moon rules, it will remain overall friendly for the Leo ascendant. These ascendants have similar planetary benefics and malefics — mars as yoga karaka and saturn, venus and mercury as functional malefics. First of all, many thanks on your wonderful blog, and the knowledge you share so willingly with us. In your opinion, is Venus a benefic planet for Taurus Lagna, since it does rule the 1st and the 6th house?

Benefic & Malefic Planets For Each Ascendant

However, if I am not mistaken, for Scorpio Lagna Parashara puts Mars as a benefic even though it rules the 1st and the 6th. I am confused…. Technical take on this — A general malefic owning a Kendra loses its benefic nature and a general malefic owning a Kendra loses its malefic nature. Owner of 6th is usually always negative to some extent. But if the other house it owns is a trikon 1,5,9 then the actual nature becomes mixed as 1,5,9 are always functionally benefic.

Generally negative things. Mars ruling or sitting in 6th will activate these. So mars remains a dicey planet, capable of producing some yoga but also injury and sickness for scorpio ascendant. Hence when it rules both 1st and 6th, it will tend to give more effects of 1st and hence benefic but with some evil touch due to 6th. So in my experience neutral. Thank you for your response…As you can imagine, my question had somewhat of an ulterior motive, since I am Taurus lagna.

Saturn is placed in Pisces. For the above D-1, if Jupiter is placed in the 3rd house in D-9 Capricorn ascendant virgottam is Jupiter in maraksthana? To add, the 7th lord Sun F-neutral is sitting in the 6th house; I see a not-so-good parivartan between 6th and 7th lords. This is not a particularly good position for Jupiter especially for a female, am I correct? It has no kendradipati dosha for aquarius. Or any other scenario.. Thanks VS. Or is that Jupiter in its MK tends to participate in the good and bad outcomes of the bhaav in combination with other planets?

Sri VS: For Taurus asc, is moon a functional malefic 3rd house lord?

What are Functional Malefic planets in Astrology

Krishna Paksha in UttarabhadraPada at 7 degrees, conjuct Ketu at 14 degress, ascendant is 10 degrees. In these 2 cases, one is a perm- enemy and the other is a perm- friend. Related: Venus is lord of 6th and in its MK; is it because it is the lord? If true, can the asc lord ever be a FM? It will get modified in the horoscope as per the placement, aspects, dignity and divisionals of the planet.

Venus will remain benefic for Taurus in the materialistic way, but can give bad health even if slightly afflicted. Same for mars for scorpio rising.

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Planet ruling lagna will always tend to give positive results if placed well moon and sun, will never become outright malefics for any lagna. So a well placed moon for Taurus lagna will give good results and a bad placed moon for cancer rising will give bad results as well. You have listed it as a FM; is it due to the 8-th house lordship that tilts it towards being a FM?

Traditional Astrology and Benefic and Malefic Planets, by Helen Beers :

Related question: If a FM occupies its own house, does it make a difference? You have it as neutral; why? Natural Benefic and Natural Malefic. I have two questions. The chart I am using to for this exercise, has Sun and Mercury in the 6th house from the gemini ascendant in the sign of Scorpio. Since it was in conjunction with the sun I thought it could be ill associated but then when I looked at your example I see the Mercury is in the 6th chart with the Sun and you had pegged that as a natural benefic.

Any pointers on how to conclude whether mercury is a well associated or ill associated one? Also if mercury is conjunct or aspected by Jupiter or venus, it becomes a natural benefic and malefic if conjunct or close aspected by mars, Saturn, rahu or ketu. But it should be more than 8 degrees from sun to remain unafflicted. If mercury lord of 6th and 9th joins Saturn lord 1st and 2nd in 8th house when both are FB for Capr.

Sri VS: If a functional benefic in good dignity sits in 3,6,8,11,12 does it do good to the house? Also, how about partculary the 11th? I am asking this F-malefics sitting in 3,6,8,12 is considered good on Upachya basis is the 11th included here? I am seeing the transit today. Sun is in the 10th, retrograde Jupiter is in 2nd speech. This official is blurting out stuff that could jeopardize his job.

The dasa is Jupiter. Any comments? Not at all VS. I am sorry if I came across like that. The vakri part is the soul of the question. Hence a retro Jupiter in a mercurial sign of speech can make for sudden and unpredictable speech patterns. Hi VS, In your quantification what is the Temporal friend column? For a Scorpio asc, if Saturn is a temporal friend wrt all planets based on its placement in natal chart wrt other planets. How is this saturn taken into account? Other placements are temporary enemies. Might need a data dictionary to understand your excel, but thank you for posting it.

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And hope you can update this post with more detail. Eg How lordship benefic for saturn gets 3 points or venus gets 2. Is this true? If true, why? Thanks Vivek. I realize that there exists differences in opinion between astrologers; however, since both authors take BPHS as the main source, why the difference?

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Yes different texts and astrologers have varying opinions. I go by actual real life experience of s of horoscopes. I feel that the only way to be more accurate is by observations of real case studies as opposed to pure text. Does not mean that text is any less important.


However once text has been mastered to some extent, case studies should dictate real world results. Saturn for scorpio can give materialistic gains but is bad for the health and longevity for a scorpio ascendant. But all depends on the placement, dignity and aspects on saturn. Any known personality in any field is a case study. Signs owned by natural benefics are benefic signs — owned by Jupiter and Venus if Mercury is well placed and well aspected in the chart then Virgo and Gemini become beneficial signs as well.

Which houses it must be in to be bad for health and longevity? I read that for Scorpio, as it rules 3rd and 4th sukhasthana houses, may give rajyoga in specific cases. I also read that if Saturn is debilitated i. Mars as lagna lord is also an evil planet as its Mooltrikona is in the 6th bhaav. As Saturn is a natural marak killer and owning 3rd house, it becomes evil.

In scorpio lagna, ruled by its arch enemy Mars, it can give material assets and property due to being 4th lord but will cause ill health and sudden evil effects. Hi VS.. Also,saturn would be yogakaraka from moon sign in this case. Hi yes there will be a raj yoga but since it is a dusthana placement and since the involved planets are inimical to each other, it will only fructify in a limited manner depending on other aspects on the combination as well as on the strength and placement of the depositor venus in this scenario.

Sri VS: When a natural benefic becomes a FM due to KAD and in case-2 it is due to owning the 6th and 11th, is the level of damage to the significations the same? Saturn is a Yogakaaraka owns 9th and 10th house for me: Taurus Ascendent.

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Malefics in astrology

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