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You will also approach life in quite a light-hearted, even playful manner which is quite unusual for a Scorpio. Gone is the serious and sometimes scary Pokerface and instead you approach the world with a wry smirk. So even with a reserved smile, Scorpio will attract new acquaintances from around your area. Your new demeanour means that you are likely to strike up conversations with your barista or the checkout lady at the supermarket.

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It might seem a little pointless, but who knows where it might lead! So no more walking around wearing that dark Scorpio shield, no no, now you seem more like a happy-go-lucky Gemini. It will do you good to see the world as a less threatening place and it will be sure to open doors to more opportunities in other areas of your life.

Your long-term friends might even look at you strangely in the beginning and wonder if you are taking drugs.

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Otherwise, this conjunction is very useful for getting down to some serious study, you might feel overwhelmed that you have so much to get through at first but this aspect will give you the stamina and willpower to see it through. Another benefit from this energy is that it gives you a cosy feeling of security where you live.

You will feel more trusting of your fellow man in general during You are less likely to experience crime or aggravation from people in your neighbourhood. With this aspect, it is like you are your own policeman, but a kind of friendly one! Saturn is in your study and communications zone for most of The very serious Saturn conjunct Pluto on Jan 12 can make you quite fearful of speaking your mind.

Memories from your infancy could flare up on Jan 13 with Ceres conjunct Pluto the big Persephone conjunction. Sometimes, the only way to get a broken machine working again is to take it apart and reassemble it again from scratch. Toggle navigation shawn carlson astrology test.

Scorpio january horoscope kelley The money will be stable, and your job will keep you occupied for the most part of the year. Where should you travel next, according to your zodiac sign? July, , Scorpio monthly horoscope? Welcome to Stars Over Washington! Daily Mail Online. August, , Scorpio monthly horoscope. Free monthly zodiac Scorpio forecast July, !

Saturn will conjunct Pluto all of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn for most of Saturn enters Aquarius March 23, — June 16, Saturn re-enters Capricorn June 17, — December 17, Saturn re-enters Aquarius December 18, Saturn is strongest and happiest in his home sign Capricorn. Saturn examines and tests whatever he touches. The Way you program your universe at the deepest most fundamental level. Saturn represents what you really want in life. Saturn is the one that helps you get it. Saturn builds structures. Saturn is the builder.

Saturn is about honor and integrity. Integrity is your spiritual backbone. Saturn will quickly point out where you may be falling short of your own potential. Saturn can limit, delay and hold back what you want. Saturn rewards hard work, discipline, and responsibility. He teaches you to be patient and persevere. You will need to be authentic and, in your integrity, to reach your goals. And be successful in Capricorn.

You will be receiving the consequences of past actions with Saturn in Capricorn. What you need to achieve your goals will be your call to action. Saturn in Capricorn is building over the next two years to his merging with Pluto all of Are you seeking new goals in your life? Get Your Personalized Money Report. Chiron will be in Aries and Chiron will retrograde in Aries July 8, -December Chiron will be direct December 14, Chiron entered Aries in April This is for the first time. Taking the Chiron experience from the water to fire energy. Chiron is the wounded healer.

It is important to understand that your wound is your gift. It is what makes you human. We all have a soft underbelly. The part of yourself that is exposed.

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Chiron creates the opportunity for healing the wounds that bind you. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack, a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in. Chiron in Aries promises breakthroughs in healing and technology related to health and healing. You shift from the mind-body duality of Pisces.

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This is burned away in the Aries fire of the hearth. Uranus moves direct January 6, , in Aries. Uranus re-enters Taurus March 6, Uranus will retrograde from August 11, , through January 10, Uranus will move from 7 — 3 degrees Taurus. Uranus re-enters Taurus in March Uranus in Taurus can help you to be determined, constructive and resourceful.

This is practical creativity.

Your Complete Horoscope For October 12222

You will desire the comforts of material possessions. And with a tendency to wanting new and different things. Watch out for being too stubborn. Neptune will retrograde June 21 — November 27, Neptune retrogrades from 19 to 16 degrees Pisces. Neptune governs the oceans.

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He is the God of the seas. Neptune takes you on a journey into the mystical realm of God. There are no boundaries.

cancer february 2020 horoscope kelly Cancer february 2020 horoscope kelly
cancer february 2020 horoscope kelly Cancer february 2020 horoscope kelly
cancer february 2020 horoscope kelly Cancer february 2020 horoscope kelly
cancer february 2020 horoscope kelly Cancer february 2020 horoscope kelly
cancer february 2020 horoscope kelly Cancer february 2020 horoscope kelly
cancer february 2020 horoscope kelly Cancer february 2020 horoscope kelly
cancer february 2020 horoscope kelly Cancer february 2020 horoscope kelly

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